Timeless Miracle - 2005 Line-up
Trapped was formed in late 1995 by Mikael Holst, Fredrik Nilsson and Kim Widfors; the name was inspired by the eponymous album by the German heavy metal band Rage. Having played a few gigs in their hometown, the band broke up after Widfors decided to study bartending in England. Holst and Nilsson decided to resume the band's activity in 2001 and recorded three demos in 2002–2004, using a drum machine. In 2004, RoastingHouse Studios in Malmö agreed to manage the band and to finance recording of their début album. The line-up was completed by the guitarist Sten Möller and the drummer Jaime Salazar. The band's name was changed to Timeless Miracle, after one of their unrecorded songs. In May–June 2005, their first album, Into the Enchanted Chamber was released by Massacre Records in EuropeCanadaAustralia and New Zealand and by Marquee/Avalon in Japan and Southeast Asia.
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