Nov 16, 2015

Marius Danielsen's - Legend of Valley Doom OUT NOW!

'Legend of Valley Doom' has finally been released! Be sure to check out Mikael's guest-appearance on the track 'Haunting my Dreams'.

Oct 15, 2015

Studio update!

Finished the recording of 'Queen of Egypt' yesterday! There's a new intro, new vocal harmonies, new guitar leads and a shitload of new orchestral-arrangements \m/. At the moment we are simultaneously writing/re-arranging and now also recording

Sep 13, 2015

Sep 7, 2015

FullMoon cover

Hi everyone! Our version of "FullMoon" is now online!

The entire album will be released for download on the 12th of September 2015. 

More info:

Sep 2, 2015

Sir Martin the Dragonslayer HQ

Sir Martin the Dragonslayer
There have been some requests for a "high quality" version of this track. Since it's already out on Youtube and we have no intentions of using it in the future, we figured why not. This song is kind of special for us as it was the very first we wrote after Kim had moved to England. It was the starting point of what would eventually turn into the stuff we did on "Into the Enchanted Chamber. I'm sure many of you already know this song so it's nothing new. But at least it will sound a little bit better :)

Download link:
Sir Martin the Dragonslayer 320kbps Mp3

Jun 24, 2015

'A Tribute to Sonata Artica' Delayed

Unfortunately there have been a delay! More below.


Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience in awaiting 'A Tribute To Sonata Arctica' - we hope you have enjoyed the tracks released thus far!

We regret to announce that the album will no longer be available on July 3rd 2015, and will instead be delayed by a couple of weeks.

We are still waiting on solidifying a license in order to sell a couple of the tracks in specific areas of the world. This is due to the difference in laws around the world regarding cover tracks, as well as numerous publishers holding the rights to assorted albums in Sonata Arctica's back catalogue.

When we set out in order to release 'A Tribute To Sonata Arctica', we wished to deliver the album fairly to all Sonata Arctica fans around the world on the same date, as a mark of respect and fairness.Thus, we feel it is the best option to delay the album's release in order to keep this promise.

We apologise to everyone who has ordered and is awaiting the album, and shall announce the rescheduled date as soon as possible.

Thank you once again for your support!

Gordon Scott Managing Director OUERGH RECORDS

May 9, 2015

A Tribute to Sonata Arctica Release date + Cover art.


1. TIMELESS MIRACLE – FullMoon (05:13)
2. STREAM OF PASSION – I Have A Right (03:49)
3. DYSCORDIA – My Land (04:43)
4. VAN CANTO – Victoria’s Secret (04:46)
5. SUNRISE – Black Sheep (03:52)
6. XANDRIA – Don’t Say A Word (06:07)
7. COLDSPELL – Letter To Dana (05:04)
8. MAJESTY OF REVIVAL – The Cage (04:35)
9. POWERGLOVE – Revontulet (01:38)
10. CELESTIAL WISH – Paid In Full (04:33)
11. INNVEIN – Wolf & Raven (04:30)
12. ARVEN – Replica (04:48)
Bonus Tracks, featuring artists signed to OUERGH RECORDS:
13. ABANDONED STARS – San Sebastian (05:16)
14. DISPOSABLE – 8th Commandment (04:09)
15. XENO – Wildfire (04:08)
Mastered by Pasi Kauppinen (Sonata Arctica) at Studio57, Finland
Artwork by Jan Yrlund of Darkgrove Design
More info: Ouergh Records

Apr 1, 2015

Under the Moonlight pre-production begun.

We have now started writing the remaining songs for the next album. As soon as we are done with that, the actual recordings will begin. At this point we have no idea how long it will take. Will keep you updated on the progress.

Mar 19, 2015

Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom guest appearance

2015 is shaping up to be a busy year for us!
With the upcoming release of "A Tribute to Sonata Arctica" this summer and the pre-production of "Under the Moonlight". We will also be joining the ranks in the highly ambitious Metal opera project “Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom”. Mikael will be performing a duet with Marius Danielsen on the song "Haunting my Dreams". The sheer scale of this thing is amazing, with an insane amount of guest musicians. We are of course very proud to be a part of this project! For more information check out the links below!

Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom

Feb 27, 2015

Fullmoon & Under the Moonlight

The recording and mixing of Fullmoon for A Tribute to Sonata Arctica is now done and have been sent to the label Ouergh Records. It was recorded at Trapped Studios and mixed by Fredrik Nilsson and Pontus Lindmark. We are quite happy with the result and looking forward to the release that have been set for June this year.

We will begin work on Under the Moonlight in a couple of weeks. Updates on the progress will be posted here and on the Facebook page.

Mikael & Fredrik